- For Immediate Release -

ALC Statement on the Resignation of

Ambassador John Bolton

December 4th, 2006


The American Lebanese Coalition (ALC) was profoundly sorry to learn of Ambassador John Boltonís decision to end his service as the Permanent Representative of the United States to the United Nations and that President Bush accepted his resignation.

We totally concur with the Presidentís statement that Ambassador Bolton had ďarticulately advocated the positions and values of the United States and advanced the expansion of democracy and liberty.Ē  His achievements at the UN Security Council within the past year on key resolutions, such as the ones on North Korea, Sudan and Iran are remarkable. His advocacy of much needed reforms within the UN is to be commended.

 And very importantly to us, is Ambassador Boltonís commitment to the sovereignty and stability of our motherland Lebanon, and the right of the Lebanese people to be free. His work in that regard at the UN is exceptional. For this, he earned the Cedar Shield last May from the Lebanese-American community, a highly esteemed award granted to US Officials who show unique efforts in supporting freedom and democracy for Lebanon.

 As an umbrella coalition representing Lebanese-American grassroots organizations, the American Lebanese Coalition owes a debt of gratitude to Ambassador Bolton for his effective role in the enactment by the United Nations Security Council of relevant resolutions that advanced and protected Lebanonís Cedar Revolution. 

 We wish Mr. Bolton continued success in his future endeavors.


 - END -


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