Media & Public Relation Office

Washington DC, November 21, 2006


ALC statement on the Assassination of Lebanese Minister Pierre Gemayel


      The American Lebanese Coalition is dismayed and grieved by the vicious act of terrorism that claimed the life of the late member of the Lebanese cabinet and of the Lebanese Parliament, Pierre Gemayel. The horrible crime is the latest in a series of state-sponsored acts of terrorism, which has targeted leaders of Lebanonís advocates of sovereignty, independence, democracy and freedom.

While we condemn the heinous crime, we are determined to continue our relentless struggle to restore Lebanonís independence and its role as a model for moderation and for co-existence in the region.  Thanks to the resolve of the vast majority of the Lebanese people and to the staunch support of the international community, with leadership from the United States, Lebanon shall overcome the obstructionist, anarchic, destabilizing schemes of the Iranian-Syrian axis and its cronies and lackeys in Lebanon.

We offer our heartfelt condolences to former President Amin Gemayyel, to the Gemayel family and to the Lebanese people and we pledge to continue our unwavering efforts to realize the goals for which the martyr lost his productive, promising and dynamic life.

May his memory be eternal.


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