- Press Release -

ALC statement on the situation in Lebanon

August 23, 2006


The American Lebanese Coalition welcomes the cessation of hostilities in Lebanon in line with the mandate of the UNSCR 1701. Last month’ events have proven beyond any doubt that there is no substitute to a strong Lebanese government to defend the territorial integrity of the Lebanese nation. Specifically:

  • The ALC stands behind the seven points’ declaration of the Government of Prime Minister Siniora and supports its historical decision to deploy the Lebanese Army in Southern Lebanon. The ALC expects this decision to be a clear and powerful mandate to the army to implement the government’s sole authority over southern Lebanon.

  • The ALC strongly advocates a quick deployment of Lebanese Armed Forces on all borders between Lebanon and Syria and the immediate cessation of the smuggling of arms from Syria and Iran into Lebanon.

  • The ALC expresses concerns that the international forces’ deployment is slower than expected. The role of these troops is essential to provide support to the Lebanese Army in its mission to extend the Lebanese Governmental authority over the Lebanese territories.

  • The American Lebanese Coalition and the Lebanese American community in general denounce any aggression directed toward civilians, private property and infrastructure. However it warns that any breach of United Nations Resolutions is going to submit Lebanon to unnecessary retaliations. Lebanon should not be the battleground for regional powers and should not sacrifice its population, its economy and its wellbeing to serve Iran’s radical ambitions or Syria’s intrusive agenda. The ALC holds the Syrian and the Iranian governments responsible for jeopardizing the cease fire by attempting to replenish the Hezbollah arsenal.

The ALC will pursue its efforts with the US Administration and the members of the Security Council at the United Nations to increase the pressure on Syria and Iran to respect all United Nations resolutions regarding Lebanon or face the consequences of their destructive behavior.


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