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Media & Public Relation Office

New York, NY November 7, 2005


- For Immediate Release -

ALC statement  on the situation in Lebanon

Washington DC - July 13, 2006


The kidnapping by Hezbollah of two Israeli soldiers from inside Israel has dragged Lebanon once again into another uneven conflict. The defenseless Lebanese will suffer the brunt of the Israeli retaliation as usual.  Although the Lebanese government has distanced itself from the operation and did not condone it, Hezbollah still insists on imposing this fight on all the Lebanese. This total disregard for Lebanese sovereignty and for the Lebanese will is still practiced by Hezbollah with impunity.  It might lead this time to a new disaster which will threaten the fragile recovery process. 

Hezbollah will certainly utilize any Israeli retaliation against civilian targets to inflame the emotions of the Lebanese and to reinforce its claim of being their sole hope to resist the Israeli aggressions.  This vicious cycle has been exploited by Syria and Iran in order to deflagrate the Middle East on demand and to promote their perverse agendas.

Due to the gravity of the recent events in Lebanon and their potential disastrous effects on the country and the region:

1.      We appeal to the international community to act swiftly in order to stop the Iranian sponsoring, financing and support of Hezbollah.

2.      We appeal to the Arab countries to pressure the Syrian regime into stopping all its interference in Lebanon.

3.      We ask the Lebanese government to reclaim its sovereignty on all the Lebanese territory without any delays.

4.      We implore those Lebanese who are still falling for the rhetoric of the "Resistance" to put the interests of Lebanon first and to reject the costly actions of Hezbollah which serves its regional sponsors at their detriment.

5.      We urge the Israeli government to stop its attacks on innocent Lebanese civilians and limit the human suffering. We also deplore the targeting of the Lebanese economy and the infrastructure of the country. 


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