- Press Release -

Media & Public Relation Office

Washington DC - May 17, 2009


ALC Applauds President Obama's Renewal of Sanctions Against Syria


The American Lebanese Coalition (ALC) applauds President Obama's recent decision to renew sanctions against Syria for another year.  

Syria continues to be a blatant and relentless state sponsor of terrorism.  The actions and policies of the Syrian Regime continue to pose a grave threat to regional and international stability as well as to The United Statesí national security and interests. Syriaís unending meddling in Lebanese affairs, even after the withdrawal of its military in April of 2005, is aimed at destabilizing the country and undermining Lebanese institutions.

The ALC respects the US administrationís decision to attempt to engage Syria through continuing dialogue and we sincerely hope that Syria would comply with international demands and cease its subversive policy in the Middle East Region. However, we believe renewing sanctions against Syria reiterates the United Statesí willingness to pursue diplomatic efforts with the expectation that the Syrian regime makes concrete and drastic changes in behavior, which so far it has failed to accomplish. 

We are also encouraged that the opportunity to improve United Statesí relations with Syria will not come at the expense of compromising Lebanonís sovereignty. While Syria claims to want to improve relations with Lebanon, its actions prove otherwise. Syriaís unimpeded intervention in Lebanese internal affairs, its arming of militias within Lebanon and its refusal to delineate and demarcate the Syrian-Lebanese borders is a clear violation of United Nations Security Council Resolutions 1559, 1680 and 1701. Syriaís brazen support for the terrorist group Hezbollah and other Lebanese and non-Lebanese armed groups could potentially lead to the demise of the Lebanese state and the rise of a Hezbollah Iranian-inspired regime.

We believe renewing sanctions on Syria at this time is a wise decision for the United States. The Lebanese community welcomes the President's decision and views it as an indication of the administrationís enduring and fervent support for Lebanonís sovereignty.



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