- Press Release -

Media & Public Relation Office

Washington DC - Friday, May 9th 2008


Hezbollah Executes a Syrian-Iranian Plan to Destabilize Lebanon.


 The May 7th events in Lebanon mark the beginning of a new phase in the execution of Iranís plan to control Lebanon as part of the Islamic Republicís scheme for expanding its influence across the Arab world. The Hezbollah-led opposition, along with the remnants of Syriaís agents in Lebanon have failed in their campaign of terror and hostility to alter the path of democracy set by the current legitimate government of Lebanon. This has made it obvious to the Iranians that their quest for control in the heart of the Arab world is quickly shrinking despite the financial, military, and logistical support of their main proxy, the Hezbollah militia. The obstruction of the democratic process by closing the parliament and preventing the election of a Lebanese president, the long list of assassinations and intimidations of pro government leaders, and the economic shut down of Lebanonís capital have not succeed in reversing the course of democracy charted by March 14 coalition. The freedom loving Lebanese have remained steadfast in rejecting the opposition's attempts to bring back the Syrian hegemony.

 Sadly, on May 7th, the Iranian-backed Hezbollah decided to raise the stakes in this confrontation by turning its covert war against the Lebanese legitimacy into an open, deadly conflict. This supposed Lebanese party is resorting to the destruction of Lebanon in order to serve the interests of its foreign masters, Iran and Syria. The Lebanese people are facing today the real threat of another vicious war between the forces of moderation and tolerance on one side and the forces of extremism and oppression on the other.

 Now that the Hezbollah mask has fallen and their true intensions are becoming unmistakable,

∑         we offer our full support to the Lebanese Government in its decision to finally confront the Hezbollah militia,

∑         we insist the Lebanese Army and official security forces fulfill their duty in defending the Lebanese people and the legal state institutions

∑         we ask the Lebanese Armed Forces to fully assume their responsibilities in opening without any delays the road to Beirutís airport as well as any other blocked road,

∑         we request the Arab League to issue a firm ultimatum to the Iranian and the Syrian regimes to cease and desist all interference in Lebanonís affairs,

∑         we appeal to the United Nations to stand firm against the actions of Hezbollah which are in direct violation of UNSCR 1559 and UNSCR 1701 and to take the appropriate measures to ensure the implementation of these resolutions, and

∑         We further ask the United States and its allies in the West and the Arab world to consider all feasible actions against Iran and Syria in order to stop their destructive campaign in Lebanon.

 Iran and Syria are using the heavily armed and trained Hezbollah to disintegrate Lebanon and dismantle its democratic system. Bold and immediate actions against these two regimes are urgently needed because a Lebanon under their control is a grave threat to peace and stability in the region.


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