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Washington DC - April 25, 2007




The United Nations, New York . - Within the context of periodic visits by the American Lebanese Coalition (ALC) to the United Nations, a  delegation of ALC leaders, headed by ALC President Dr. Joseph Gebeily, held a series of meetings April 24, 25 and 26  with  members of the United Nations Security Council and with the office of the  Secretary General of the United Nations The delegation included Milad Zohrob, Dr. Elie Semaan, Fadi Farhat, Paul Hindi, Dr. Edgard  El Chaar, and Adel Sleiman.

The delegation presented each mission with a comprehensive policy paper that delineated ALCís positions on fundamental issues of concern to the Lebanese people, the Lebanese American community and the Lebanese Diaspora. These positions included complete compliance with the wording and the spirit of Lebanese constitution vis-a-vis the election of a new president for the Republic of Lebanon and the democratic and uneventful transfer of presidential powers and of the official seat of the presidency to the next constitutionally-elected president; enactment by the United Nations of the international tribunal that would try the assassins of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafic Hariri and of other martyrs of The Cedar Revolution; disarming Lebanese and non-Lebanese militias on Lebanese soil; rapid and final resolution of the issue of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon; opposition to repatriating Palestinian refugees in Lebanon and the dangerous ramifications of naturalizing them on Lebanonís precarious demographic make-up; safeguarding Lebanonís sovereignty; full and urgent implementation of all UN Security Council resolutions relevant to Lebanonís sovereignty and independence, including but not limited to UNSC Resolutions 1559, 1680 and 1701; demarcation of the Lebanese-Syrian border, starting with the Shebaa Farms without further delays; expanding the UNIFILís mandate to include the monitoring of the Syrian-Lebanese borders;; taking an active role in demanding the return of Lebanese prisoners in Syrian jails.

Moreover, the delegation emphasized the need to respect the fundamental principles of non-interference in Lebanese affairs by regional powers and the disengagement of Lebanon from all regional conflicts and of sustaining a consensual democracy, which guarantees the rights of individuals and communities in a pluralistic society that is inherently comprised of minorities.

After the meetings, President of ALC, Dr. Joseph Gebeily said:Ē We sensed an unwavering commitment from the UNSC  and The Secretary General to protect Lebanonís independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity. We also received assurances that all UNSC resolutions regarding Lebanon will be fully implemented.


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