- Press Release -

Media & Public Relation Office

Washington DC - March 3, 2008


ALC Statement on the Deployment of the USS Cole


 The deployment of USS Cole off Lebanon's coast sends a long overdue message to the Iranian-Syrian axis, whose cronies in Lebanon jeopardize the stability of Lebanon and indeed of the entire Middle East region, that the United States would not stand idly by while the Cedar Revolution is threatened and while its leaders are intimidated and assassinated. 

 However, this show of strength, which comes during a period of political uncertainty in Lebanon and tensions in the region, would be insufficient and even counter-productive if it is not ensued by further pressures on the Syrian regime, both by the US as well as by its European and Arab allies.

 The American Lebanese Coalition exhorts the US Government to bring to bear additional measures to thwart the efforts of the agents of the Syrian-Iranian axis to transform Lebanon from a moderate, pluralistic and democratic state to a theocratic, fundamentalist, Iranian-controlled country that would endanger the entire Middle East and threaten world peace.

 The Lebanese people, who braved the Syrian occupiers and succeeded in restoring their country’s independence and its democracy, have demonstrated impressive resilience and remarkable steadfastness against the plethora of intimidating and criminal measures that seek to reverse the accomplishments of the Cedar Revolution.  They deserve uninhibited, unwavering and escalating support in the battle they are fighting for their own country as well as for regional and international stability.

 In its concern over Lebanon’s security and stability, the American Lebanese Coalition reiterates that the major threat to peace and stability in Lebanon is generated today by Iran and Syria, who by arming and financing the Lebanese and non-Lebanese militias are endangering the unity of the Lebanese nation and the safety of the Lebanese people.


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