- Press Release -

Media & Public Relation Office

Washington DC - February 23, 2009


ALC Welcomes US Administration's Positions on Lebanon


The American Lebanese Coalition applauds the US Administration’s position on Lebanon expressed in recent announcements especially the ones by President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton on the fourth anniversary of PM Hariri’s assassination. The assertion that "the United States will continue to support Lebanon's sovereignty and independence, the legitimate institutions of the Lebanese state, and the Lebanese people” evokes much needed energy and faith to continue the struggle against the forces of oppression and hate that threaten the Lebanese nation.

After years of abandonment, it was America’s firm stand in 2005 on the side of the Lebanese people and the Cedar Revolution that helped in the liberation of Lebanon from thirty years of Syrian occupation .

The renewal today of the US’ commitment to Lebanon's sovereignty and freedom through the "full implementation of United Nations Resolutions" particularly 1559 and 1701”, is a clear expression of this Administration’s stance, when it comes to the principles of US policy toward Lebanon.

We particularly appreciate the strong backing by the Administration of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, for the sake of justice and the rights of the victims.

As mentioned in the President’s and the Secretary’s statements, the upcoming Lebanese parliamentary elections are crucial for the prospects of peace and prosperity for the Lebanese and will determine the path of Lebanon for years to come.

Moreover, regional stability and hope for peace in the Middle East will depend greatly on a moderate, free, and democratic Lebanon.



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