- Press Release -

Media & Public Relation Office

Washington DC - February 19, 2007


ALC expresses its gratitude to President Bush


The American Lebanese Coalition would like to express, once again, its sincere gratitude for the US Administrationís unwavering support for Lebanonís Cedar Revolution and for its multi-faceted efforts to sustain the restored democracy in that country, which is represented by the Siniora Government..

From the leading US role  in the adoption of UN Security Council Resolution 1559, which gave international legitimacy to the Lebanese peopleís struggle to regain their countryís sovereignty and freedom, to the steadfast support for the Lebanese Cedar Revolution, which liberated Lebanon from Syrian occupation, and until today, this Administration and this President have shown their true commitment to the cause of democracy in the Middle East and have spared no effort to translate that commitment into material and political support.

In the past few weeks, while Lebanon has been undergoing difficult times, we have witnessed many positions and actions on different occasions from the President, from the Secretary of State and from a number of high ranking US officials re-affirming the US commitment to a free, peaceful and democratic Lebanon.

In that vein, it was heartwarming, but hardly surprising, to hear the President  mention Lebanon, the Cedar Revolution and the U.S. commitment thereto in his State of the Union address.   Besides the political and diplomatic efforts, the US has pledged economic aid up to 1 billion dollars, in addition to aid funds coming from the private sector through the US-Lebanon Partnership.

Following the devastating war that hit Lebanon this past summer, the humanitarian and reconstruction assistance from the US has been remarkable.  Moreover, the US is providing security and military assistance to strengthen the Lebanese Army and the Internal Security Forces, and is leading the effort to bring justice to the Lebanese people through the formation of  a Special U.N. Tribunal to try the culprits in masterminding, financing, assisting, executing and covering-up the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafic Hariri and of the many Lebanese advocates of freedom and innocent men and women who lost their lives in subsequent terrorist bombings. 

In conclusion, this Administration, besides being a true friend of the Lebanese people and a staunch advocate of democracy in the Middle East, does realize the importance of a fully free and democratic Lebanon in any effort to stabilize and pacify the region.

The Lebanese-American community and the people of Lebanon salute President George W. Bush. We are eternally grateful.


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