- Press Release -

Media & Public Relation Office

Washington DC - February 13, 2007


ALC statement on the February 13th Bombings in Lebanon 

The forces of terror, in their continuing mission to oppose freedom and democracy in the Middle East, chose a small town in the heart of Lebanon to convey their latest bloody message.  The exploding of two buses carrying common citizens to their work bares a chilling similarity to the daily massacres taking place in Iraq at the hands of terrorists financed and supported by the Syrian and Iranian regimes.  Since the assassination of Lebanese political leaders, the deflagration of a destructive war with Israel and the spreading of anarchy in the streets of Beirut did not seem to erode the will of the Lebanese people, these regimes have directed their murderous sights on the innocent civilians. 

Recognizing that these events are part of the ongoing global battle between tyrannical extremism and democratic freedom, we ask the free world to continue its staunch support of the Lebanese government.  By the same token, we expect the Lebanese government to find and bring the perpetrators to justice promptly. Most importantly, we implore those Lebanese who are still deceived by the so called Lebanese opposition’s message to realize that they are being exploited to promote the goals of Iran and Syria at the cost of losing Lebanon.

Our condolences and heartfelt regrets go to the families of the fallen, along with our promise to continue our relentless support for the cause of democracy and freedom until the free, sovereign and democratic Lebanon for which they died is restored.   

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